The story of Cups of Wisdom

Hello and welcome to the blog page of Cups of Wisdom. This is the first blog just to introduce us and tell our story of how we got to day one of Cups of Wisdom.

The idea came from Ricky, joint founder with myself. I had been building a business printing my designs on home-ware products such as mugs and he had a thought. During lock-down online sales had been good thanks to my lovely customers. But it got Ricky to thinking about what people love right now, what is current.....and what could be put on a mug and look stylish, He came to me with the idea of quotes and the name Cups of Wisdom and immediately my brain was buzzing with ideas. This was back in June and my current business being in Cornwall had picked up due to summer season so that took priority.

So during August I planned the creative side when I could and Ricky the advertising whizz planned the advertising and marketing of Cups of Wisdom. We are now at the stage where our first mugs have been printed. we are starting with five ranges but there will be many more to come. So don't forget to subscribe for all of the latest news by email.

I am currently working on the website and I'm hoping for it to be ready for this weekend and fully launch next week.

Can't wait to get to know you our customers. Please do comment on any products or quotes you'd like to see and we will do our best to make it happen.

Future blogs will be a mix of factual information and also self care which we think goes hand in hand with having a brew. Its that time just for you!

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